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Founded by Tony Weeks in 2015, COREtriathlon's aims are:



"Provide a ‘SMART’ approach to your training that will ensure that you progress efficiently, and by avoiding injury, train consistently and progressively to achieve your goals". 


(Specific Measured Achievable Recorded Training)

Tony Weeks has raced all distances of triathlon finding success in the longer events. He has represented GB Age Group in the long distance World Championships for the last 3 years and achieved a bronze medal. He raced the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii in 2015 and 2018, achieving sub 10 hour finishes. 

Tony has coached a broad range of triathletes, both first timers and Kona qualifiers. This year, he has coached 2 further athletes to 2019 Kona qualification and a number of others who have achieved great personal performances.



"I have benefited from extensive personal coaching from Tony, that has encompassed equipment selection, through learning to swim (somewhat) properly, to endless hours of cycling and running. We have focused on diet, including the all important pre-race and race fueling, but Tony has had to accept that my love of haribo outweighs my love of triathlon.


My progress has been dramatic. I have moved into the top quartile of the field in most races, and expect that I can reach the top 10% in most races in 2016. This comes despite less than 2 years of cycling and swimming experience, and intense constraints on the time I can invest in training due to my work and family commitments."


Grant Baxter, V40 Age Grouper, Sevenoaks

‘Tony is not only an extremely supportive and knowledgeable coach but as such a successful triathlete himself he is a constant inspiration to me.  When I recently had a panic in open water in a race he was the one who drove me back to the lake to ‘get back on the horse’! His gentle motivation encourages me to train when it feels too hard.  He has helped with bike fits, training plans, he has taken me out on the bike, I forget how much kit he has lent me to help me keep going with the training which can be difficult fitting around the kids and work. 


I love triathlon because it constantly challenges me, I still have fear of the longer swim distances and find the bike scary, so I am hoping with Tony’s help that I can achieve my first Olympic distance by the end of 2015.  Next year is going to be all about the swim and conquering the downhill! Can’t thank Tony enough!”


Nicki Thompson,  F35 Age Grouper, Sevenoaks

"I absolutely couldn't believe how quickly I managed to do 'real' swimming and I completely put this down to Tony's tuition as I'm not a natural swimmer. The sessions would be mixed up and fun with training drills so it was never boring.


The bike I find quite tricky, but going out regularly gives me confidence. Before I did my longest triathlon to date (750m, 40k bike, 8k run). Tony took me on a bike ride and in hindsight, without me realising, gauged it completely right as it was long enough but not too hard to give me confidence to know I could complete the distance I was about to race. Doing these other discipline has taken the pressure of a dodgy knee I had from so much focus on running. Although I'm not lighter and still have a long way to go with the fueling (chocolate is still a main food group as far as I'm concerned) I'm more toned and have much better endurance levels. Thank you tony!"


Angie Kitto,  F35 Age Grouper, Sevenoaks

"Tony has changed my approach to training and my athletic life, he helped me towards a result which i didn't expect in Copenhagen. The lessons in Nutrition will help me for future goals. I wholeheartedly recommend Tony to entree level and experiences Athletes looking for a SMART approach. Most importantly, he's one of the nicest people you could hope to meet". 


Shaun Terry,  M30 Age Grouper, Richmond

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