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Coached Triathlete Membership Features (included in £100 monthly plan)


Consultation - lasts approx. 2 hours

Initial coach/athlete meeting to establish:

  • Your training history and any injuries you have had

  • Your strengths weaknesses in swimming cycling and running

  • Your work  life balance and family commitments

  • The short and long term goals you have

Payment - Opt out

Following your initial consultation, payment is on a monthly basis. If at any time you wish to cancel the training you can – that’s absolutely fine.

Regular contact
We will keep in regular contact with you either in person or if not, by phone or computer. This will usually be weekly. However, if you have a question call or email and we will endeavour to help asap. We feel it is important to fully engage the triathlete in the training process, understanding and addressing their individual strengths and limiters and creating a unique training plan that will enhance your training experience motivate you to succeed.

Performance analysis & training review
Early on we will carry out some basic time trials to establish your current ability in swimming, cycling and running. The results of which will indicate the correct zones in which to train and form the basis of your training plan. Regular testing of your performance will ensure that you are always training to current fitness levels and ensure the most efficient progress can be made.

Season planning

We adopt a periodised approach to season planning. This ensures that you build on your current base fitness to ensure that you can safely build endurance and sport specific strength so that you can reach peak fitness as you taper for your seasons ‘A’ race. Your sport specific limiters are constantly addressed so that technique continually improves.

Equipment Selection

Be it a road or triathlon bike, wetsuit or tri suit, we will happily assist you in making equipment choices that fit your budget, ability and aspirations. The triathlon industry is growing, having a guiding hand may save a lot of time and trouble.

Bike Fit (free with Coached triathlete membership)

By using video analysis, we can provide insight into cycling movement and body positioning and then make adjustments to your bike in order to improve comfort and efficiency and to reduce the potential for injury. This is particularly useful when changing from a road bike to a tri specific bike or even adapting your road bike for use with aero bars. A bike fit takes a minimum of 2 hours and is charged at £50/hour.

Nutritional advice

Often referred to as the 4th discipline, we can give up to date advice on the fuelling required for triathlon and a healthier lifestyle in general. What to consume before, during and after activity is vital to ensure you give your body a chance to realise it’s potential.

Race selection

We can advise on local, national and international races that you may be considering. An informed opinion is always welcome and costs nothing. If we don’t know about a race, we know someone who does.

Swim stroke analysis and correction

Highlighting possible technique limiters or bad habits, then prescribing simple swim drills to correct them. 

Open Water adaptation and technique 

Introduction to lake or sea swimming for novices or adapting the skills of confident swimmers for open water conditions.

Training Peaks

If you have a ‘Training Peaks’ account and data recording devices (HR monitor, Swim watch or Power meter), we can further enhance the athlete/coach experience, by remotely planning/analysing  activities and utilising the ‘performance management chart’ feature. Data can be reviewed and amended remotely by athlete and coach anywhere in the world. If you do not yet have an account, we can explain the benefits to you and set you up with a ‘coached athlete’ account. (This option costs an additional £15/month)

Bike technique

Be it pedal efficiency, climbing, descending, cornering skills or even just getting used to riding with cleats we can assist in a variety of ways to help you gain confidence in cycling.

Run technique

Video analysis will assist in highlighting possible technique flaws and subtle adjustment to posture, flexibility, stride length and turnover will help to make you not just a more efficient runner but will also help you avoid potential debilitating running injures.

Core and functional strength

A bespoke ‘mat’ based training session can be created to address any functional weaknesses and increase core strength, vital for good swim, bike and run form. 

Transition set up and execution

Can make the difference between getting that PB or not.

From race experience, we can simulate T1 and T2 conditions and give practical advice on setting up and gliding through transitions. After all, It’s easier to save a few minutes here than shaving a few minutes off your 10K time.

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