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Training Camps

In the future we intend to run triathlon training camps for limited groups. These may be in the UK or abroad. The benefits of training camps are:

  • ‘Higher volume’ training blocks are a proven way of boosting fitness levels – perhaps prior to an ‘A’ race

  • The social setting provides a positive learning environment as athlete experiences and techniques are shared

  • Activities are supported (mechanically, nutritionally and logistically) – possible physio

  • Costs are reduced by virtue of the block booking kit.

       IMAGES/VIDEOS below are from Lanzarote training camp 2018​



CORE triathlon merchandise

Further support CORE triathlon and look way cool, by wearing CORE branded t-shirt, run cap, swim cap and drink from a CORE bottle. You could dry yourself on a CORE towell and stuff all your gear in a CORE bag. Great quality, great prices - but lets be honest free advertising.


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