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Being a mermaid Day 4, 9 days to go...

Ken’s shuttle down to the pier for my second sea swim since I’ve arrived on the island. Met with my friends Nick Kinsey and Helene, Nick who’s racing this year. Helene and I swam together out to the buoy which would give us a half Ironman swim distance. About three quarters of the way out as I was scanning the sea bed below (there are a lot of fish to look at), I saw a shoal of dolphins below making their way up to the surface. So very special to see these graceful creatures. Slightly further along I suddenly had two dolphins swimming side by side underneath me. I reached out and momentarily touched one’s back. They circled around for a few minutes and then swam off. It was a beautiful moment 🐬🐬My pace felt fine but had gps issues once again which doesn’t worry me...darn tech!

Shuttle back to Ken’s with another generous breakfast of banana pancakes, omelette and papaya then back to my condo to rest temporarily before my second swim session of the day.

Called an Uber to Karlyn Pipes where I’d booked to have a coached swim session in her endless pool.

Here is some information on the inspirational Karlyn...

I was relieved I’d uber’d...there are some seriously steep hills here on the island.

I was greeted by a very enthusiastic Karlyn and also chatted to several GB triathletes, Louella and super speedy Gill Fullen who were staying at Karlyn’s (they’d been kindly offered a room to stay in at hers when she heard through the GB what’s app group that the airb&b they’d booked was diabolical!)

Terrible light reflecting photo 🤣

My swim session was enlightening! The main changes to my swim technique were:-

1/ wider arms (Tony has always suggested this)

2/ relax my shoulders (very tense!)

3/ shorter pull phase, ie hands to exit the water out “the side door” not the “back door!”

4/ longer reach

5/ lighter minimal kicking

When I did the above, particularly focusing mainly on the wider arms and hands exiting out the side, my body would launch forward in the endless pool, hence I would be hitting the bar at the front mirror. So much so that I broke a nail 🤣

Karlyn is an inspiring woman and we chatted a lot. She posted a video on our session on Facebook which was cool. Not sure how to link it here!!

Uber back into town for lunch at Umekees oh yeah for their renowned (from Tony) poke bowls... seriously delicious 😋 Thanks for the top tip T!

I did have a beer 🤫

Then a browse in town (haven’t done this as yet) with a few non sporty item purchases including these Hawaiin soaps which rather sillily had me in giggles...

Oh and a new run cap in the cool running shop The Big Island Running Company where it took me ages to get out the door (the ultra runner working in the shop is American...Americans love to chat!!) Or is it that he’d been on a long run that day 🤔 and needed some company 😂

Back to base to relax and prep for the following day (BT session no 3).

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