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“Connecting with the island”

Day 5, 8 sleeps till race day

Morning bird song outside my condo...

A solo turtle at the pier feeding on algae just where swimmers step down into the’s a very small area to enter the water, no beach! Today I didn’t swim so got the opportunity to take photos.

Pier and swim entry for the race...

Hawaiian band at the pier...

Tree cutting Hawaiian style...

Today was my third breakthrough session day, a 2.30 bike and hour‘s run. I decided to ride with Rick who‘s in the 50’s AG from Texas as he was relaxed about the pace (he doesn’t have a coach or train to any specific plan but has raced at Kona several times). He said he’d like to join me from Hapuna up to Hawi so I was glad to have some company as I’d heard this can be one of the hardest stretches in terms of the strength of the winds.

We chatted our way up and pretty much most of the return but we did put in some efforts. I felt it was more important for this session to allow my body to acclimatise rather than focus on my power. The wind that morning Rick said was average for what it normally is. It felt okay and manageable to me. I think my experience of riding in Lanzarote has been of much benefit to being accustomed to unsettling wind. My view is to expect strong winds on race day and then maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised by calmer conditions.

The views coming back from Hawi are spectacular and I intend on taking it all in on race day. Someone said to me here all they look at is the tarmac even when it’s not windy 🤔 I most certainly will not be just looking at the tarmac. Appreciating my surroundings and the atmosphere on race day is key to a successful race for myself. I need to feel a connection to what’s around me. It gives me more energy.

Rick and I restocked water and some ice at Hawi, the most northern part of the bike course, then had a fast descent back to a small industrial area where there was no wind and I really felt the intense heat off of the tarmac. It is very draining. I must have emptied two bottles of water over myself during the 70km ride. My two 750ml hydration bottles for the 2.30 ride seemed the right amount although I did feel thirsty at times so had a bottle of just water to sip at when I felt the need to. I ate two bars on my 2.30 ride, one of my homemade ones (I didn’t have time yesterday to make more) and a ‘Picky’ bar. My homemade bars are fridge bars made of granola (using an American brand here called Kashi as I’d found this in the UK and been using it in training), almond butter and brown rice syrup. Can add raisins but I didn’t have any.

My hydration and nutrition on the bike will be:-

OSMO per 500ml - 20g CHO & 370mg sodium

Jude’s Bars - 22g CHO & 113mg sodium

Equates to:-

Fluid - 450-600ml

CHO - 50g/hr 

Sodium - 900mg/litre (or 450mg/hour based on 500ml water/hr)

Caffeine - no

Photos on the ride:-

Not a windy spot hence bike stayed there!

Back to base for a slightly later run than originally planned but was getting a lift with a group.

Conpleted the day with an hour’s run at IM pace which is around 5.40/5.45mins/km. It was a very sweaty one. Heart rate avg was 155bpm which is about 10bpm higher than where I’d like it to be, but to be expected as I’m still acclimatising to the heat. Ran from my condo along Ali’i drive to the turnaround point at Pahoehoe beach club. This is part of the first loop of the run before we head back to Palani hill and up to the Queen K highway. Along Ali’i drive I can picture there will be lots of supporters before we get on to the relentless tarmac of the highway.

Then relax...

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