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Final few days at home & the long journey

Quick recap on the past few days I’ve missed:- Friday and Saturday were basically running around like a crazy person getting last things done on my ‘to do list‘ before my departure.

With a still unsettled tummy kind of virus, I didn‘t have my usual energy so everything seemed to take longer than it usually would. Plus I squeezed in a visit to have a massage with Ben, my session he focused on giving me wise advice on clearing any fear and anxiety on my solo adventure ahead.

I also went to see Sue Rowland, who I occasionally visit for cranial osteopathy and acupuncture when I get a stiff neck. She put some acupuncture studs in my ears, the parts of the ears that have a connection to the intestines in Chinese medicine. Hoping this would help clear what tummy virus I think I had. My skeptic friends would argue it’s all in the head. Well, whether it is or not, my tummy did feel a lot better that evening:-)

Saturday I packed in seeing my daughter Ella off to London for her Saturday musical theatre course, rode for 90 minutes, went to Hamish’s rugby match which was about an hour’s drive away, then said my goodbyes feeling quite sad when he went off to Oli’s, then bike packing and final bits at home.

Oslo hoping to come to Kona 😻

After a very disturbed nights sleep (think I was worried my alarm wouldn’t kick in) had a 6am taxi to Heathrow booked.

Too many bags? I am away for 17 nights!

Driven into a separate part of the airport to the Virgin Upper class I felt like a celeb 😃 my first time flying upper class and most likely my only time! My lovely generous Mum got me these tickets.

My arrival ended up being a little stressful rather than me taking advantage of the lounge. Security didn’t like my bike box shape as it’s wider in places? (it’s the Bike Box Allan Tri Aero Box) so I was whisked off to have it inspected which meant fully removing my bike and the man in charge didn’t like my tyres having any air at all saying they should be fully deflated. Cr%# as this is not Virgin policy or any other airlines policy. I have put in a complaint.

No time for breakfast it was then straight in to boarding. No time to reflect on the security issue I had this to look forward to...

Having legs outstretched and a seat that converts to a fully inclined bed makes a huge difference to a long journey. The 11 hours went remarkably quickly. The meals on board were yum!

One thing I did during my long journey which worked well re staying hydrated was drink three bottles of electrolytes, take a baby aspirin every 3hrs (helps prevent DVT) and take a slow release vitamin c tab, complex vitamin b tab and a zinc tab (for immunity) before my flight. I felt well hydrated when I arrived in LA for my 5 hour layover. I also slept for a few hours. The views in to LA were rather spectacular especially over Sierra Nevada...

LA immigration went quickly, no issues with luggage collection. I met Daniel at the bike collection area, an athlete also heading for Kona and he kindly helped me with my luggage over to checking in for the connecting flight to Kona. A hot shower, a call and messages to my children, more food in the lounge, it was time to depart for leg 2.

I tried to stay awake during the 5 hour flight but my eyes kept dropping so I eventually succumbed to a few restless hours. I chatted to a friendly American next to me who used to live in Kona. Another meal later we arrived in Kona around 20.30.

The warm air and humidity was a wonderful feeling as I stepped off the plane into the dimly lit small airport to the sound of Hawaiin music 😊 What an incredible feeling to be here in Kona.

Luggage again had no issues, I was met by Christine and the legend Ken Glah from Endurance Sports Travel who drove me to my condo at Kona Reef, on route they pointed out the swimming pier and a few places which I’d seen so many photos of. But here I now was actually on the island!

My condo is typical Hawaiian, old fashioned 70’s feel to the decor 🙂... with a view out to the ocean and the soothing sound of crashing waves.


22 hours since departure from Heathrow it was time to sleep (said this mask on my wall 😂)! ...

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