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Focusing on the positives

Okay so my day did not begin as I’d planned. Woke up feeling nauseous, dry throat and low energy. Oh no 😫

Wanted to just curl up with this one...

Today was my BT1 session (2hour bike followed by an hour’s run), for anyone not familiar, that is a breakthrough key session leading up to one’s race. This was to be my only one done in the UK, the remaining three to be done in Kona to get the maximum benefit of getting heat acclimatised.

Realising that my body was clearly not physically up to it today I felt annoyed, anxious and tearful. How silly! Dragged myself out the house to go on the hunt for my race suit which was meant to have been delivered on Tuesday but sourced back to the Crowborough Royal Mail depot. I was relieved that they eventually found it in a pile of undelivered items, despite no attempted delivery slip having been left at home. Anyway this cheered me up.

A long chat with my youngest son Miles who is currently in France with his school was a huge boost to my afternoon and also took my mind off feeling sorry for myself. I miss his company very much though but am happy he’s having such a fun time in France...

The tyre saga mentioned yesterday...well it held air pressure overnight. Will have to wait and see whether it holds pressure when I next ride it (in Kona).

My day got better. I had an appointment with my holistic therapist Ben Barnett, my final massage before my travels. I’ve been seeing Ben for over a year now and feel proud to be sponsored by his holistic therapies business. His unique massage therapy combines hydrothermal massage with focusing on the mind/body/spirit interconnection. Ben Barnett’s mind/body approach can be used to visualise optimum performance in any sport and connect each sense to the desired mindset. He opens up my mind to look ’outside the box’. I came away from my treatment today looking at my virus as a blessing! My body ridding itself of any negativity before my race. And we talked through my mental preparation for my race and how I would feel during the days leading up to my race. Ben you are a wonderful wise friend 🙏

Here are a few photos he took of my new race suit. There’s a video but haven’t worked out how to download that on here!

2 days till ✈️

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