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It’s nearly time ✈️⛰🐢🐬🏝🏊‍♀️🚴‍♀️🏃‍♀️

I don’t have much to write about today and I’ve decided to get myself to bed earlier this eve. I‘ve been aiming to go to bed later and wake up later this week in prep for avoiding jet lag as best as possible but with the virus I’ve caught I need more sleep.

This past few days I’ve also been taking various supplements in preparation for travelling and the following notes are from advice I’ve read on best practise for pre/during and post travel:-

Take (week preceding flight)

Aspirin [250mg per day], 

Quercitin [1gram per day]

Delay bedtime, sleep in an extra hour 

Take on day of travel 

B complex vitamin

1000mg time release vit c 

45mg zinc

During flight

Every 2/3hrs drink a low carb elec drink 

Every 6hrs take a baby aspirin [80mg]

Wear compression socks or calf sleeves 

*High carb, low fat, low sugar meal for sleeping 

*High protein meal, low fat and low sugar to be alert 

On landing 

Drink a sodium heavy beverage or soup 

Get out for a walk 

Packing pretty much complete but I haven‘t yet packed the bike as am hoping to feel well enough tomorrow morning to have a short ride and/or run between dropping my Ella to the train station and taking Hamish to his rugby match. Off to bed now it is.

1 day till my journey begins...

Excited to see these when I eventually arrive...sent to me by my friend Tanja who arrived on the island a few days ago.

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