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Kona 2018 - race day - 1

Here it comes.

Woke early and all hit the pool for some splash time.

caption competition....

hadn't noticed this paving by the pool until today - pretty nice

Then we walked in the heat to Lava Java for breakfast after bumping into these guys on the way.

Not sure how Jonathan cycles with the telegraph pole on his helmet

Breakfast was awesome, Siddall's stack. The dolphins were even performing in the background.

'Big Island Running' is next door so, we popped in and Elliot got a run vest and I treated myself to a pair of Sebastian Kienle's New Balance 1500T2's. - for after the race of course. BOA (lacing systems) had a concession there and I had some Ltd. edition Kona dials fitted. I have to admit - they look Freak'n Awesome, a great mix of stiff sole and cushioned inner - will they stay that white though?

Took a trip back through the expo and blagged some more hats/T-shirts before returning to the condo.

Eve has claimed one of the caps

designer T's

"honey, who shrunk the kid?"

perhaps in another 3 years, she will fill those shoes?

I claimed Elliot's run vest - so all is fair?

Racked my bike and hung my bags in transition, taking visual cues for tomorrow - even scored a few more trucker caps on the way through.

See you in the morning

Drove the ridiculously sized rental SUV to the local supermarket (KTA) and $277 later and we have enough food for at least a day (judging on Elliot's current eating).

Luckily parking bays are massive too

Lunch was Poke bowls, sushi and a toasted bagel (cashew butter on top)

when compression meets nutrition

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing by the pool..... We had dinner at around 6pm on the BBQ's by the pool. Tuna, Steak, rice stuffed peppers and a strawberry, feta and spinach salad.

Chef Faye - cooking on GAS.

Bottles were filled, legs shaved then massaged by Faye before laying out the gear, having a mental run through transitions and then a slow decay into sleep. good preparation.

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