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Kona 2018 - race day +1

Pretty good sleep despite my gut still working overtime and my raised cortisone levels (physical stress induced).

Breakfast was Kona Butter Apple Pie and ice cream - naturally...

why don't we eat this every morning?

We had a great family swim in the pool (frisbee throwing & shoulder carrying), bit of packing and then off to the IM merchandise tent where my support crew stocked up.

Elliot picked out his next car and I met this beauty.

Took the obligatory IM name picture and eyed up my next beverage.

Walked around Kailua Kona and popped in lots of gift shops. Eve got a handmade ankle bracelet & Elliot a shark bone necklace (when in Rome). We ate in the Kona Inn restaurant - incredible value, service & views.

Then it was back to the condo (which has been awesome, great location and facilities), packed the car and hit the Queen K on four wheels this time for the 30 mile drive to Mauna Lani.

pretty decent view from our terrace

I quite like this one too.

The pool was about 500m away but worth the stroll, the beach is another 500m along the golf course and was every bit as great as we remembered. Elliot & I swam out over the coral reef as the sun set and we raced about 100m back - yes, he beat me and I was trying hard!

Met and chatted with GERRY RODRIGUES and JIM LUBINSKI from on the beach, they were here to support their athletes who were racing - They are as good as it gets when it comes to swim Open Water swim coaching.

We had an awesome meal at the Beach Club Restaurant, before getting our complimentary drive back to the new condo.

We are back!

My feet are in a pretty poor state, bruises under blisters and throbbing toes. I used the Jacuzzi to clear the sand from behind my big toe nails and hit the sack!

A perfect day.

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