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Kona 2018 - race day -10

3rd Simulation day today (aka BT3). Woke after a great sleep and fuelled, stretched and called home, as is becoming common practice now.

TT'd my way to the Mauna Lani and back and was treated to some fast conditions, the first 25 miles were ticked off in just an hour. Took some bike porn shots on Mauna Lani Dr and was joined by a little goat who got camera shy as I approached him.

The hotels & Condo's of Mauna Lani attract a lot of $$$ and as you peel off the relatively baron Queen K onto Mauna Lani Dr, paradise just hits you - makes for great (fast) cycling too.

The return leg wasn't quite as fast but it was still a solid ride and a HIM PB too - but I need to drink more.... Lots more triathletes out today riding & running (swimming near the pier I guess too).

Fairly swift turn around to get out on my run. I kept my COREtri suit on and strapped on my new water bottle pouch (so that I didn't have to rely on finding shops for water). I also made up a couple of zip-loc'd bags of ice. I put one between my shoulders and one just under my neck - they were good for about 2 miles and really helped keeping my core temperature stable. I was really pleased with the hour+ run, which took me out to Honokohau Harbour and back, taking in Palani & the Queen K. Acclimation is working!

Bumped into Deb Munton on Ali'i Dr, with a mile of my run to go - people are turning up! I also noticed the Expo taking shape and a few IM tents & signs popping up.

Got my 'Trump Alert' SMS today - thankfully just a test. This is a way Trump can instantly contact 200 million mobile phones, in the event of a serious incident, such as:-

  • missile attacks

  • acts of terrorism

  • natural disasters

  • fake news

Thanks Donald

WIth the training in the bag, it was time for some 'wellness'. Cold shower and a 'bacon n cheese' omelette with cottage cheese pancake and Vanilla Macadamia coffee - done.

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