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Kona 2018 - race day -11

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Woke early - motivated to train. I'd decided to put some early running into the legs, for three reasons. 1) Sundays run was cut short (good call), 2) I was keen to fatigue the legs without stressing the CV in the heat and humidity and 3) I wanted see the 6:15 sunrise over Mauna Loa. I ticked all three boxes.

Still hot at 6:30am - tourist photo

Comparing Sundays run with todays.

Sunday, pace: 8:16 efficiency 1.42 aveHR 148

Today pace: 7:43 efficiency 1.66 aveHR 137

Hopefully the efficiency will improve as the body acclimatises and the blood plasma volume increases.

I took some other pictures from the pier this morning....

Had to run around a road closure on Ali'i drive, a spot of tree surgery - Kona style.

Then home for a fry up & catch up.... Not long now Faye.

Ive been watching this daily. Its the SURF RANCH PRO, a man made lake/wave generator, absolutely mesmerising, take a peak...

Went out for what I had planned to be a 'tourist' ride but really didn't anticipate the elevation of the ride out on the Kuakini Hwy. Was a thrilling ride back down to Ali'i Dr where my 4x4 drafting clocked 55mph. The entire view to my left was bright blue ocean but at that speed the view had to remain in my peripheral.

Had a phone call with Jonathan from Trainerroad. They are out in Kona next week to cover the race and were looking for TR users who were racing the world champs this year, for podcast reference. Was cool chatting to a 'voice' that I have been listening to for many years. If you are a Trainerroad user or not, still listen to their podcast - they are the world leaders in personal cycling raining/development in my opinion. More discussions to follow.

TR Guys

The afternoon was spent popping up to Bike Works for a training run hydration solution.....

Very cool store

its NOT a 'fanny pack' - honest

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