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Kona 2018 - race day -13

BT2 day. Thats the 2nd breakthrough simulation (of 4) for the uninitiated.

I'd arranged to ride up to the Mauna Lani, have a coffee with my American friends Jim & Yvonne. We met them whilst staying at the Mauna Lani in 2015 and have stayed in touch since. J & Y have vacationed at Mauna Lani for the last 27 years and are fans of the IM, choosing to time their stay with race week. If you have ever been to my house, you may have seen one of Jims photo's (he's an excellent photographer and has a real passion for the island).

Kona 2015

It was a head wind riding out there, I teamed up with a German triathlete Philipp, for the last few miles but just as we were commenting on the great smooth tarmac - he punctured. Get the bad luck out of the way now i guess.

The mood was a little sad at the Mauna Lani, It was the last day the hotel was to be open before new owners take over and spend $$$ on a refit, most likely making it out of reach for most of its regulars. It was quite a privilege to see Jim & Yvonne say fond farewells to the staff that had served them for the last 27 years and obviously bonded a friendship.

I wasn't exactly dressed for breakfast - Yvonne was wearing her traditional Hawaiian dress that she first wore 27 years ago - still looks like new Y!

The chef cooked us some Hawaiian Pancakes made from Taro root (poi) - one more for my pancake repertoire.

Aloha ʻOe" (Farewell to Thee)

Jim & Yvonne gave be a bag of macadamia nuts (locally grown) and it dutifully stowed them in my trisuit pocket - they are now to be known as 'butt nuts'.


The return leg proved the point that a headwind on the way out can still be a headwind on the way - slightly unfair but a great test nonetheless.

I decided to cut the run short and not to force the acclimatisation, its coming, albeit slowly. Saw Lionel Sanders and entourage running on the Queen 'K' - he was looking good, could be his year?

Cold shower and a jump in the pool followed, problem was the pool was way too warm and had no cooling effect!

Got a visit from this guy today.... Looking for something sweet to eat, wrong place dude.

Laid out out on the floor next to the AC outlet to cool down, woke 3 hours later. Perfect!

was too lazy to cook so grabbed Salmon salad take out from Splashers!!!

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