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Kona 2018 - race day -14 (2 weeks to go)

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

Woke a bit too early and eager to train. Watched a bit of 'Super League Triathlon' in Jersey for training inspiration.

Touched base with Faye and headed down to the pier for a 7:00am swim. Lovely and calm today but the tide was noticeable, 32 mins out & 38 back, much of which was poor sighting. Felt strong and rhythmic today - awesome.

Spent a little time on the pier, soaking up the sun and Hawaiian life watching the locals fish (theres no shortage). C'mon dolphins, breakfast time.

Slow walk back to the condo and a nice video call with the family, who were dining at Stu & Nat's (you owe me a meal Nat).

Eggy cheese rye bread with bacon & cabbage helped with the post swim hunger though.

The afternoon was spent snorkelling either side of the pier and burning the soles of my feet during the walk in between.

My Go Pro skills really didn't do the experience justice but heres some footage -

The walk back is pretty nice too

The sea wall - dry for a change

My garden is quite nice too

Off to 'old faithful' Splashers Grill for dinner. Tested the ribeye steak for Elliot. Popped in the ABC store, it seems whether you are a Trump supporter or not, they have your breath covered!

Lots of lightening in the skies tonight but no rain - boy it’s humid though.

Then it was bike prep time for tomorrows bike/run simulation.

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