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Kona 2018 - race day -16

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

Another great sleep and a rainy morning meant it was bacon n eggs for breakfast and a call home.

I got the gym mat out and set about making myself look as buff as the surfers on TV.

Then I took a gamble, despite the weather forecast looking grim, it looked bright enough, so I kitted up and headed out on the Kuakini loop and out to the Queen K scenic lookout point and back. Whilst there, a couple from Boulder, who were honeymooning took my picture - in my now ‘vintage’ 2015 tri suit, (gotta keep those arms covered).

Got back and as the rain hadn't arrived, I donned the run kit and did an Ali'i Drive 10K. O.K, the first Kona run of 2015 (which resulted in a massive bonk) wasn't a one off. This year, I knew it was coming , a ‘feels like’ temperature of 95°F with 75% humidity takes its toll on the unacclimatised athlete. I stopped at 5K for water and gels and then 7.5K for coke - but it was a struggle for sure. I would say my HR was 20 bpm higher than an equivalent UK brick run. Really hope this settles as my blood plasma levels increase as I train more in these conditions.

Saw Lionel Sanders out running on Ali'i Drive, bare chested with training buddy by his side and his wife cycling behind. Hard to say how he is looking this year, but he certainly wasn't hiding in the shade drinking Coke...

Stood under the outside shower on my return and then cooled off in the pool.

lounged the rest of the day & dinned @ Bubba Gumps (not pricey for average food - nice view though).

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