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Kona 2018 - race day -17

Woke after a great sleep - no jetlag going West.... quick breakfast and off to Dig Me beach where I was easily the youngest there.

Swam the IM course armed with my GoPro in a fetching pink bum bag on loan from Faye. Lots of swell today, sighting was impossible but I got direction from a SUP’er who could see further whilst standing. No dolphins, just lots of ‘deep blue’.

Btw.... factor 50 didn’t cut it on the 70 min swim....

Coffee & cake helped me get rid of the salty taste & then it was bike building time, which went without problem.

Touched base with Family (Faye @ Kylie concert - O2).

The afternoon was a sweaty hike to Kona Bike Works, super markets & Deli’s to stock the fridge....

Found great Whole food store but it wasn’t cheep $$$

Lounged by the pool & generally chilled in the afternoon.

Decided it was cheaper to dine out so went to my 2015 regular ‘Splashers Bar’ for dinner & Hawaiian hospitality.

Ridiculously humid day today. 35°C but made worse by the 94% humidity... the heavens opened as I walked home...

i guess that’s what you get when you go to ‘Splashers’, perhaps I should have gone back to ‘Humpys’?

The weather looks damp & humid tomorrow. May have to change my planned bike/run.

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