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Kona 2018 - race day - 2

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

The arrival....

Up before the sun and after a leg stretch, I was out running a familiar route for half an hour. The cooler air allowed for a faster pace and FORM was key. Loads of triathletes doing the same, although most of them seemed twice as fast as me!

Breakfast this morning was at the Daylight mind Cafe/Restaurant, which is used a lot for industry events in race week. Today it was an invite only (thanks for the tip off Grant) Canyon Bikes talk with Dan Empfield from Slowtwitch, who is considered one of the bike worlds best bike fitters. The talk was all about the new Speedmax bikes and the improved fitting technique. Really good stuff and a free breakfast.... Cue the food pictures (and bike porn too).

if I wasn't 2 days out from the race......

I held back

Here are the bike pictures.... Canyon UK have updated their site today!

Dan Empfield (Slowtwitch) running through bike fitting

Here are some other bikes in the expo. I love the look & concept of the Ventum but I'm not convinced about its performance or practicality - I asked about breaking it down for travel and its really complex. Had a good chat with ENVE and ZIPP about their wheelsets and in particular tubeless compatibility, ENVE have a tubeless compatible disc in both breaking options and a $700 trade in on old carbon wheelsets ($1000 if old ENVE wheels). I also saw the new Cervélo S5, nice.

How about this trisuit ladies

Heres some data on my next bike :-)

When I returned to the condo, this little fella was waiting for me

I guess he is a tenant?

Forgot I did this.....

Also the IMtalk podcast interview was posted today....

55:30 mins in

Lazed by the pool for most of the afternoon and got a cab to the airport. Picked up a massive hire car and awaited 'the arrival'.

Drove the weary travellers home, had a quick dip in the pool and hotfooted it to Splashers for dinner. Really cool evening, freshest one yet.

The waiter said the kids had grown.... good memory (or just good waiter)

Oh, totally missed the mandatory pre-race briefing. Oops.

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