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Kona 2018 - race day

The race report will follow on in due course, this post just covers the day itself...

Woke at 3am after 7 hours pretty solid sleep - probably a pre race record for me. I ate banana oat pancake and toasted bagel with cashew nut and maple syrup butter on top. Then it was into the standard stretch routine before showering, resting and kitting up.

It had been absolutely tipping it down all night and I (along with 2400 others) was hoping the bike and Di2 would be ok. After handing over my special needs bags (2 bottles of carbs to be picked up at Hawi - 60 miles) Faye wished me luck and I was funnelled into the IM pre race checking area, where my numbers were applied and I was weighed. Then I was off to check the bike, add my shoes, shades, Garmin & fuel. The Garmin wouldn't calibrate probably due to the rain. You are not allowed access to your run and bike bags on race day at Kona so you have to think ahead. Routine porta-potty carried out and chamoix and sun cream applied.

At 6:35 (to the second) the canon sounded for the mens pro start & it sent shivers down all of our spines. The helicopters that were circling above really increased the tension. Soon after, the pro women were off, at this point the AG men enter the water and tread water for 20 mins (yes really) before their swim start at 7:05am

RACE REPORT - to follow.

Heres the skinny on the race:-

Kona PB

The swim was pretty good, I really thought we were faster but i'm still happy with the Kona PB. The bike had little wind, I was able to race the 2nd half faster producing a Kona PB split. The run, although not as hot as 2015, was very humid and my lack of run training volume showed, however I paced well and held off the cramps until 2 miles from the end.

The finish line was a bit of a blur - I even managed to miss Elliot & Eves road chalk message.

Ali'i graffiti

After the race, I was really looked after by two volunteers - albeit very wobbly on my feet.

I collected my finishers medal and goody bag and consumed some low quality food. Then went straight back to the condo to see my support crew. They were out looking for me but were soon back.

I stupidly jumped into the pool and instantly locked up and started showing signs of shock. Faye helped me up to the condo and I had a hot shower.

The kids went to bed, Faye and I walked down to see some of the 15hr athletes come in. It was amazing, the energy at the finish line was at a level I have never seen before. When the blind & guide runner came in and hugged on the line, I had a tear in my eye. I'm not sure if it was due to it being the 40th anniversary, but IM really upped their game this year, on so many levels.

I grabbed a full fat coke and a macadamia/chocolate ice cream, before collecting my transition bags and bike - the volunteers were awesome here too - they make everyone feel like they have just won.

We bumped into Jane Wiley, who had come 2nd in her AB (missing 1st by 1:09 mins). Then it was back to the condo for some social media, thank you's and bed!

IM #6 completed.

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