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Kona 2018 - race day - 3

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Getting really close now.

Early start, stretched and skipped on down to the pier for a meet up with the GB Kona AG's. Had some inspirational words from GB's 'fastest' ever Kona finisher (3rd last year) David McNamee before we swam. Was the roughest swim to date but thankfully my fastest. I wore the race kit so this served well as a simulation however we had to avoid so many swimmers coming head on - some people don't understand anti-clockwise.

No dolphins today but the rumor is David out swims them in any case.

Back to the condo for a fast transition (shower) and headed over to Lava Java to meet the IMtalk crew for a chat with other listeners and then to the hosts - another interview (and some more swag).

Kia kaha

Facebook prompted me that my Interview with Trainerroad was on iTunes, so I shared this with my WhatsApp groups and headed down to the Expo to have my bike photo taken with the Canyon team. "Ah, an older model", the technician said.... Make a note of that Faye.... Nice friendly bunch of guys and more swag too.

Canyon & IMtalk freebies - can you ever have enough trucker caps?

Headed back to the condo to cool off and settled in to listen to yesterdays Trainerroad interview - Geez, I can rabble on a bit.... A DJ, I will never be. I shudder to think how many Erm's I put out. On the whole though, despite being a bit self indulgent, it was a great opportunity to tell my story and I look forward to reflecting on the experience in the future.

Heres the link to the podcast....

Jonathan (TR) also took some shots of the 'older model' for their Facebook Post

Lazy afternoon with a bit of cat napping & pool time.

Finished the evening at Splashers Grill - food is great there, even found a low carb beer!

Pretty good

On the walk home, I watched 2 Gecko's having a standoff over a cherry.... Only in Hawaii...

They circled for a while, then the bigger one made his move!

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