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Kona 2018 - race day - 4

Lovely sleep and call home. Bit cooler (cloudy) this morning.

Light breakfast and a wander down to athlete registration that was pretty swift - as before. Event bag is pretty good this year and the included towel is a nice bonus - loads of flyers and nutrition in there too - standard.

Then it was a wander over to 'Huggo's on the rocks', the venue for 'Breakfast with Bob', a daily race week youtube channel where the top pro's are interviewed. Met with the Fitter Radio mob again to watch GB's Laura Siddall & Joe Skipper interview, over a coffee. Then a sweaty walk back to the condo via the expo.

Bob - Pancho Man - Laura

Here are the episodes with Laura & Joe.

Showered & changed and took a short ride (served as a bike test) to Trainerroad HQ for an interview with founders & podcast hosts Jonathan, Nate & Chad. It was a really interesting hour behind the mike and chatting with these three guys who's advice I have followed for 5 years was surprisingly natural. We discussed my athletic history and training methodology and how Trainerroad has influenced my training, coaching and my route to Kona. They showed a real interest in how I fuel the race on the big island. I look forward to debriefing my race with them post race.

Quick turn around and off the the 'Parade of nations'. Which was a bit DAMP. The heavens opened and we waded up Ali'i Dr like penguins in our 'advertisement' T-shirts. Shame, as all other federations had awesome team T-shirts.

If you look closely - you can see the athlete is from Great Britain

The rear - aka - a chance for more advertising

The Swag from Trainerroad & Training Peaks was a bit better...

Team GB

Then home, food & rest....

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