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Kona 2018 - race day +4

as they say at 'the Fish and the Hog'

Up early for a swim in the pool and some bacon, eggs & coffee (in the IM mug of course - got to string this experience out for as long as possible).

Whilst scanning the Finisherpix photos, I noticed that I recognised two other athletes in my swim exit photo - Stuart Anderson (Freespeed) & The Prince of Bahrain (again).

Came across these great swim pictures online too.

We too the long-ish drive to Akaka Falls State Park to look at waterfalls. It was a long drive, not only did the temperature drop but it bucketed it down too. En-route we stopped off to take some photos of the rugged coastline on the North East of the island

Akaka Falls has a circular walk through an amazing tropical Gorges (Gulch). Great views.

On the drive home, we stopped at Shark's Coffee, just outside Hilo. It was still hammering it down. We hid inside, drank coffee, ate Hawaiian Monkey Bread (cinnamon bread) and watched the Gecko's staying dry too. Elliot & Eve had some Turkey Melts.

Before we reached Waimea, we stopped for an early dinner at 'The Fish and the Hog', what a find! We had Calamari, Pulled Pork tacos and the Sampler (bit of everything off the grill). We couldn't eat it all so we took a doggie bag home - for supper.

The day was ended with another pool swim and the last instalment of Ironman viewing.

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