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Kona 2018 - race day +4

Up very early and drove down to the Sheraton (Dolphin Discoveries HQ). Signed our lives away and boarded our Rib with Captain Sydney & 1st mate Tiana.

RIB envy

We were only 200m out of the bay when the first dolphin pod was spotted and we were overboard with mask, snorkel & fins (and GoPro of course).

We repeated this half a dozen times and got some great footage - more importantly, Eves travel pills worked!

We settled at the Captain Cook monument in Kealakekua Bay for some snorkelling on a great reef.

We hugged the coast on our return, taking in great volcanic cliffs & caves as well as more dolphins (and flying fish). It was a great trip.

We parked in Kailua and looked at the market & shops buying some 'Hawaii' related gifts. Then we dined in Splashers Grill - probably the best quality/value place in town.

We checked out the pier for the last time and on our way out bumped into Triathlete friend Martin Beare - he had a travel nightmare getting out here (you really wouldn't believe) all with an 8 week year old baby - it amazes me how he raced with all the stress.

Then it was back to the 'hot' car and up the Queen 'K' to the condo and a night of home cooked fishy food in memory of our salty friends.

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