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Kona 2018 - race day - 6

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Watched a bit of Ironman Barcelona before bed - good coverage on Facebook.

Up, had a race day breakfast (banana oat pancakes) and coffee. Stretch & out for the last bike/run simulation before the race (only a few social swim & rides left).

Saw GB's Joe Skipper (hard to miss - pink & blue). Then spotted him again on the Queen K, pulled over. Stopped for a little chat - he was trialling a new 'drag2zero' helmet but he was overheating a bit. I also got to ask him about his 1x11 drive chain (huge single chainring and only a 11/28t on the back. I left him (to wee) and he passed me 15 mins later saying I was riding well - I will take that!

My brief view of Skippers ass - from his Strava accnt. not my iphone btw...

Heres a piece on GTN showing 'that' 60T chain ring and helmet.

I took the winding smooth black tarmac through the golf courses of the Four Seasons - lush grass next to lava, the sprinklers had just been turned off and you could smell the freshness. Then back onto the Queen K for the ride home.

view from my turn around point

Quickish transition & out for a run in trisuit. Only 4 miles but at 1 min/mile faster than IM pace. It was hot but over in 30 mins.

Cold shower and a call home - Faye and the kids are getting excited (Elliot has already packed and having trouble sleeping).

Lunch was a recreation of the Lava Java breakfast of yesterday and my new favourite pudding, cottage cheese, nut butter, coconut, nuts and a dash of maple syrup.

lazy afternoon spent checking off some admin, watching movies and looking up my training stats Jan - October for motivation, here they are for the data nerds:-

2015 - IM Frankfurt & Kona

swim - 69 hours

bike - 310 hours

run - 87 hours

*total - 466 hours

2016 - ITU Worlds (* knee surgery)

swim - 90 hours

bike - 308 hours

run - 78 hours

*total - 476 hours

2017 - ITU Worlds & IM Wales (* knee surgery)

swim - 75 hours

bike - 327 hours

run - 56 hours

*total - 458 hours

*Totals not including strength training


So, the knee surgery has really taken its toll on run volume but this year has seen an increase in bike volume and I believe the swim quality has improved. It remains to be seen if the reduced run volume will be a factor. ((for the record - I the next season to have reduced volume and increased quality - the key for longevity in this crazy sport)).

One other point of note, looking at bike power. In 2015 I had a Stages G1 power meter, this year I have the G3. I believe the G3 measured about 5% lower than its 2015 predecessor.

2015 Kona training rides

BT2 - 56 miles 22.8 mph 245w NP

BT3 - 51 miles 22.9 mph 235w NP

BT4 - 29 miles 21.5 mph 236w NP

2015 Kona training rides

BT2 - 44 miles 22.6 mph 218w NP

BT3 - 56 miles @ 23.8 mph 208w NP

BT4 - 35 miles @ 23.1 mph 214w NP


The G3 is clearly displaying lower power despite faster average speeds than the G1 (to my knowledge the bike & riders cda are still the same) So 213w NP should yield about 23mph (that would be very nice)

Noticed a split in the sidewall of my rear tyre (new on). Probed around to see if any grit/glass in there and it let by. (bullet dodged).

Fitted a new tyre and went through all my CO2 bottles trying to inflate it. No joy. Off to the bike shop tomorrow for inflation (and sealant/CO2). Better now than in the race!

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