Kona 2018 - race day -7

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

Up and out for my own version of the organised Hoāla practice swim. Met with Glenda first and also had an interview with https://www.triathlete.com/category/ironman (not up yet)

The swim fas terrible, I just couldn't get my 'brand new' goggles to seal, they fogged and leaked. I had to stop, tread water and adjust several times. I ended up having them so tight, that my eyeballs were being sucked out of my skull. I guess one plus was that I didn't quit and can now swim blind! Sighting was a bit sketchy though... incident free until 20m from the beach where I collided with a stranded swimmer - irony was, I was as far to one side as possible, so just one of those things - typical Hawaiian style - we BOTH apologised.

Browsed the merchandise stand outside the King 'K' hotel - great gear this year $$$

Mat with Glenda & Deb (and families) at Lava Java. Also dining were the GTN crew and World Champ, Patrick Lange. Food was amazing as was the view (spinner dolphins - where were you earlier? actually they may have been there, I couldn't se a thing.

Only $15 (good for IM week)

Flipper is out there somewhere

Glenda & I did a spot of retail therapy in the best (only) dedicated run store on the island - http://www.bigislandrunningcompany.com/

those gecko's get everywhere.

Legs were a bit tight so had a little mat time.... (sped up, it looks like a dog with worms).

The afternoon was spent grazing & lazing (mostly by the pool). Netflix provided the entertainment and the Ahi was courtesy of Chef Tony.

coconut POKE bowl

Almond encrusted Ahi with taro & spinach

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