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Kona 2018 - race day -9

Recovery day....

Had to shower in the night to cool off (A/C only in living room) but slept pretty well.

Had a sustained stretching session and was pleased that the body was in great shape following yesterdays training. Called home & Dad to catch up and just generally 'chilled' the rest of the morning.

Decided to go 'full race kit' for todays sea swim. That's COREtri suit and Blueseventy swim skin on top. Hard to judge how much faster it was as the sea was a lot rougher today.

The good news was I didn't overheat or chaff and removing the swimskin was still pretty swift.

Shaved the legs (and arms.... yes really) and headed out for a spot of window shopping and a coffee at Lava Java, watching the surfers.

Took a few pictures of the sea wall and King K gardens from the pier.

Home for a call home, movie & early night.

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