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Kona 2018 - Here we go again!

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

It’s been 13 long months since qualification at Wales 2017 - that’s a long time to plan, get injured, race, recover & rebuild but here we are 5 days out from departure....

Kona 2015

Since my last race of note, ITU Long Distance World Champs in Denmark, where I managed 8th in Age Group, I’ve been able to re-build and more importantly re-introduce some run consistency, following knee surgery in the spring.

I fly to LAX then to the big island on Tuesday 25th September and the final days of UK training are coming to an end and the 'packing pile' is steadily growing.

Unlike my last Kona (2015), where I had 10 days training/acclimatisation prior to the race and no holiday, post race, this year I have lumped all my leave together and i'm fortunate to have two and a half weeks on the island pre-race followed by a weeks to recover on the island (and a second week in the States). Faye, Elliot & Eve join me for the fun two days out from race day.

I plan to blog/vlog my way through this race (adventure/holiday) for those who may be interested, those who are racing next year and as a journal to look back on personally.

I welcome your comments, requests and contact as in amongst the hard training to come, there will be some equally hard recovery and relaxation going down. 

Last night on the Island - 2015

Aloha, Tony...

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