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Now that’s more like it! Day 3, 10 days to go

Morning calls from my children (3 separate ones) the day began with

another breakfast of pancakes, omelette and toast at Ken’s, we then set off for another attempt at my planned ride from yesterday. Again we (today it was Ken, Emily the 18 year old and her Dad) planned to ride to Hawi but oh boy it was even windier than yesterday. So we rode south from Hapuna beach towards the airport. Had a constant headwind going south but that meant a rather pleasant tailwind going north. It doesn’t always work that way though here, the wind seems to swirl around in all directions when you least expect it. Reminiscent very much of Lanzarote but Hawaii has much more variety in its landscape.

I was anxious that I may have another dizzy spell like yesterday but by throwing cold water over myself (through the vents in my helmet), down my back & front this helped a lot to cool me down. I think yesterday I over heated. We had a solid 2 hours 15 of riding.

A big chicken & mandarin salad take out at the Island Gourmet Markets at the Waikoloa Beach Resort (a shaded lush area with numerous hotels, shops and a couple of golf courses and a pretty beach).

I had a little visitor...

Back to my condo feeling more confident about adapting to the heat. It and the winds are relentless here out on the roads so lots of water cooling is needed, more so than originally thought.

Dinner out at Lava Java with a school friend Jenny Close who I’ve not seen since we were 18! Jenny is from Scotland but now lives in Cape Town, she’s also racing but in the 40-45 age group, we had a lot to talk about. And eat!

Why am I always talking about food 🤔

Ahi poke bowl, soooo good!

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