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Rest day, 7 more sleeps...

Time now feels like it’s beginning to tick away quickly!

Today was a rest day but I decided to have an easy sea swim to start the day and I was keen to practise a few new things to my swim technique. The main one being wider arms and a shorter pull phase which has made me feel so much more balanced in the water.

No dolphins around but still plenty of fish including a big shoal of ‘bait fish’, small black fish which when in a big shoal look a bit like a swirling mass of seaweed.

Many swimmers look way too serious when entering the water so thought I’d lighten the mood a little.

I successfully spent the majority of the rest of my ‘rest day’ sampling coffees, a green smoothie, the most delicious vegetarian crepe I’ve ever eaten (it was almost too pretty to eat!) and of course a bit of browsing at the Ironman tent and maybe a few purchases also elsewhere.

A lovely spot to drink coffee at the Daylight Mind Coffee Cafe.

Closed crepe!

Opened crepe, so pretty!

Barefoot Zone Cafe at the Kona Inn Village, my kind of happy hippy place.

Then back to base to chill and head out to dinner with my friends Nick and Helene at Fosters organic restaurant on the seafront.

Slept very deeply that evening...

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