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San Diego 2018 - day 2

We all slept for 12 hours - was fantastic.

Walked the 20m to the bay and had a short 19.5 degree 'wake up' swim, Faye lifeguarded, incase of angry territorial seals!

Taco bell-y

Phone call with Dad giving him a rental car and toe nail update.

Retail therapy day today. We started at 'Fashion Valley', about 10 mins drive south, with a window shopping warm up, then drove to the 'Outlet at the Boarder', which as the name suggests was at the Mexican boarder (we were careful not to go one exit further).

This is an outlet village on steroids. Incredible range and great deals - may have a baggage weight issue at the airport, or we will all be doing this....

Elliot checked out the Jordans

Faye had her eye on these babies

Elliot preferred these wheels

Tony liked these

Many $$$$ were spent. Some spent more than others..... You work it out....

Elliot & Eve were particularly pleased with their new footwear.

We dined in North Park, 10 miles south of Mission Bay. A great find. Mainly frequented by locals, this restaurant also projected movies on the wall of the outside garden where we ate. Recognise this one?

Clue - the man is The A-Teams Hannibal

The meal was excellent, pizza for Elliot, meatballs for Eve, Cheese board for Faye & rustic salad for me.

Then a drive home with empty wallets for a night in chilling.

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