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San Diego 2018 - day 3

We all slept in until 9am (again).

Swam in the bay - becoming routine now...

Drove into Mission Bay, parked up next to the most awesome DIY-RV, I've ever seen - this gives me ideas...

Walked along the Boulevard to the 'Mission' for breakfast - best yet!

Then strolled over to the pier, where we spotted more dolphins (bottle nose), watched some surfers and fishermen. One guy caught a stingray and cut his finger (pretty bad).


Faye purchased a dress and cut down jean shorts (she's getting local). Elliot also managed to get some Billabong chinos & flannel shirt. Eve picked up another sweatshirt and I just had a coffee in Better Buzz (very boho).

Boulevard shot

Spotted some cool sights as we walked.

Drove home and Faye & Eve rented a tandem 4 wheeled bike whilst Elliot & Dad went for battery power. The 'Bird' & 'Lime' scooters are San Diego's answer to Boris Bikes - and way easier & cooler.

We drove back into the South (fairground) end of Mission Bay and visited the Cannonball Sushi restaurant. Bit pricey but fabulous food. Cue the foodie shots...

We walked through the closed fairground, snapping away before returning home.

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