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San Diego 2018 - day 4

Up early for another swim in the bay before showering and heading out.

Drove to town and ate at 'The Mission' again - its that good!

someone snapped this board in two, think he's hiding underneath

Took the 45 min trip to the San Diego Safari Park. was ok, not outstanding. Probably a getter bet than the zoo. Here are some of Elliot's photos.

oh yeah

Back to Mission Bay for dinner at the Firehouse (which is next door to the San Diego Beach Fire Station - think Soho in London). Food was pretty good too.

Walked along the Boulevard as the sun went down, watching Eve pop bubbles - she's easily pleased eh?

now for some slow mo

Took some sunset photos too.

Early night - hoping to surf tomorrow but the waves do look big.

Toe update - yuk

nails no more

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