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San Diego 2018 - day 5

Same routine, up swim, shower and drive to Mission Bay for breakfast - this time at the 'Olive Cafe'. Great find, similar to 'The Mission' in terms of quality and value.

The we strolled up the boulevard to 'South Coast Surf Shop' to rent boards and wetsuits for 3. (Faye elected to be lifeguard).

Yes the waves were BIG (well for beginners anyway). We all drank a little too much sea water. For some reason I was on Eve's shorter board and she was on my longer one (thats our excuse sorted!)

We had Poke bowls for lunch and hired scooters and a skateboard so we could blend in and cruise the boulevard.

We came back for some homework, cleaned up and headed back to MB for dinner. We tried Saska's, a traditional meat and fish joint. Was really good but a bit too much food - Eve had a doggie bag.

its not all PLAY PLAY PLAY

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