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San Diego 2018 - day 6

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

Up and out running - 10K around the Bay with Faye. Nice and misty. Followed by a stretch in the gym.


Drove to our usual car park and walked to the Olive Cafe.

great breakfasts

We spent the afternoon cruising around Mission Bay (waterside this time) in a rental speed boat. Was a lot windier today but still sunny.

Then we returned Elliot's skateboard and had lunch at 'South Draft Mission' - we ate great food, Nachos & steak and just people watched...

We drove out of town to REI (outdoor shop) hunting for some commuter sized bags for our 'extra' luggage - no joy, too expensive, so we decided to wing it with some freebie bags we picked up at the Ironman expo.

We ate at a Vegan (yes, you read correctly) joint tonight as Elliot was feeling a bit under the weather and we wanted to eat light. It was a little dull but did fit the bill.

Elliot & Eve scooted around on the 'Bird' rental scooters (they are on every street corner in SD and are App activated - pretty awesome).

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