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San Diego 2018 - day 7 (the last day)

It's been a great long (very long for me) vacation. Kona was both exciting and chilled, San Diego was way cool!

I've trained well, raced hard, recovered exceptionally well with great food, weather and sleep. Its been stress free and best of all, the most 'family time' I've had in years.

Its cost an absolute $$$$ but hey, its not every year.

So, last swim of the holiday, 19 degrees, sunny with a little mist and 'mirror' calm.

Swimming well - may be the extra 'timber' i've added in the last 2 weeks?

Perfect conditions

Packed up our bags and drove over to MB for one last breakfast at 'The Mission' - Elliot still a bit under the weather, so he stayed behind. Really busy on a Saturday, queueing around the corner - but they squeezed us in.

Got Elliot some drugs - nice US style disclaimer.

Then we drove to Carlsbad as we heard it had a great beach - had a coffee and Elliot bought some socks....

Cool art on the side of a store.

Then we finished the journey via Longbeach to LAX where check in was simple enough.

Watch some world series Baseball at the airport whilst eating our last meal.

Then the Long flight home....

Hope you have enjoyed the last months journey, if not, dont worry - I will bore you with the slide show when I see you next

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