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Yet another wet day

4 days countdown till my longest journey yet!

Today‘s session was meant to be my final long open water swim before my departure. The forecast of yet more rain wasn’t the deterrent. I thought that I would get more benefit (specifically heat acclimatisation) from a pool session followed by another sauna. So with Tony’s approval, I headed to Tonbridge School pool, where the friendly receptionists know me so well now they sign me in as soon as I enter the door!

I didn’t feel my best today swimming. Weirdly on my 25m lap up the pool I was swimming ever so slightly left ie I couldn’t seem to stay on the line at the bottom of the pool 🤔 It started to bother me but I finally just accepted it and carried on. Completed a 3km set about 2secs per 100m off my average open water pace and then went straight into the sauna for a full 20 minutes. Chatting to several sauna regulars made the time go a lot faster. I did feel somewhat dizzy post sauna and in fact since then have been feeling a little ‘off’.

Opted to have lunch out at one of my favourite local spots...Kingdom. A chorizo, sweet potato, egg, chilli and watercress hash.

Home to a door of many someone going away 😂

Decided to check my wheels this afternoon as two of them have had issues holding their pressure since having had new tyres put on. The 30 was nearly flat despite having been fine after my loop on it on Monday. Very frustrating!!! Pumped to 100 and rotated it in my bath looking for bubbles. None! Will check again tomorrow morning and back to InGear I go...

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